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By | June 10, 2016

Email signature examples can help us to create best and also professional Email signature template, The term Email signature might be known to all of you by now. Because this is something now regularly used in business mails or any official letters. Since email being our first preference for business purposes, Email signature is required in it.

Earlier, only few business officials used to make this Email signature mandatory in their emails but now it has become very common and we can see it in any business or confidential email letters. This is something which comes in a form of digital SGNTR at the end of the email or letter. This Email signature may include a SGNTR, name, contact number or any other information of the sender.

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Email signature examples

Email signature 

You might be wondering what those watermarks or let’s say the stamp is, which we find it at the end of the emails we receive? Right? So those are such emails, which contains of SGNTR or the information of the sender, so as to make the connection and the contact strong.

Whole day we receive so many emails, let it be subscription to some shopping websites or any business letters we will for sure find this Email signature within the mail.

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Email signature examples

BRIEFING ON Email signature:

This Email signature signifies the authenticity of an email. It speaks about how original and official an email is. Along with this, it assures the reader that the sender himself has customized the email and has sent the mail.

This Email signature automatically gets inserted into the mail (according to the settings set). Well Email signature is not completely in a SGNTR format, it differs from the regions and the usage of this style. Every business Email signature has a different variant in it.

So this Email signature might come is a business card format or only the company logo and the SGNTR of the management or any information related to business. Lastly these Email signatures prove that they are used as a legal jargon. Let me show you some examples of law codes of different countries for Email signature:

In Germany, the rules for Email signature says that, one must specify the company name, office number, office location and the rest information which is mandatory to make it receivers informed.

In Ireland, according to the Directorate of Corporate Enforcement has asked all the companies to provide all the necessary information in their emails.

In India, we can see the same is expected, hence one need to provide the required information.

WHAT AND HOW Email signature IS? :

To get started with Email signature one must know about digital SGNTR, which is an important element for getting done with Email signature. This digital SGNTR is nothing but a normal SGNTR transformed into a digitalise form where by a digital pen and a screen is used, so as the individual signs his SGNTR on the digital screen using the digital pen.

With invent of the Email signature, the work of signing on all letters has got easier and saves time. Thus, this Email signature once signed becomes a stamp for all your professional work.

So once you set your Email signature, you can insert it in any letter you wish manually or make the settings preference set on automatically so that at the end of the email this SGNTR is automatically set.


So creating an Email signature is an easy task but what matters is how your SGNTR must look like. Since it becomes a company SGNTR or an impression of legal document, one must make sure it has a formal look not as a fancy SGNTR. And everyone uses Email signature for a business purpose only so one must make sure it must be simple and appealing.

Normally an Email signature would include of few details such as, SGNTR (name), contact number and office location. So make sure you include important details in very small content. Do not make your SGNTR too long. Make it short and crisp, so that one gets the insight in just 2-3 lines. The more long you fill in details in your Email signature the more it makes the reader lose interest in reading the SGNTR.

But now a days with the growing trend we can see, many people are adding their work information in their SGNTR. This depends upon the type of work one does. Also they add their various accounts which they have on the social media to make the connection simpler and easier, since today’s generation have more number of contacts on social engines, so it would be a plus point if one adds any of their social account information.

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, I am again stressing on those key points only, do not make your Email signature too long, just the name, contact number and the company’s website. Adding up more information would make the Email signature go unnoticed.

What we have found is many Email signature users; provide more information such as providing more than one social account or more than two numbers. So people make sure you don’t do this mistake. Thus these were some professional points to keep in mind, let’s see some other requirements too.

So the basic things to remember while designing an Email signature is NEVER EVER add your email account details, from what so ever email websites you using. It is pretty obvious that, the receiver will get your email details, from the account you have sent mail.

The design of the SGNTR must be user friendly, sober and easy to be displayed on all sorts of screens. Make sure you use a nice colour and font to attract the attention and properly use the tools provided in Email signature generator.

Well not dragging too much, in simple terms I would conclude that the end result of the Email signature must be catchy, now catchy here would mean the SGNTR must not be too colourful, too long, and must be justified in proper lines or no extra details.

So I hope this would be of great help to you, and you do not commit any of these mistakes and make a proper Email signature for your clients.

Email signature EXAMPLES:

Well, we all got to know what an Email signature is and how it must look like, but I guess I need to supply you with few examples so as to you get a clear idea of how an Email signature looks like. So here are some examples you can have a look on:

The Email signature introduction depends upon the type of profession one does, so these are something very common type of Email signatures.




That’s it! This is the basic and simple way to send your Email signature to anyone. Also if you have any company or brand logo, make sure you add to it so that it directly takes the reader come to the point. I would suggest you to add in a profile picture of yours, so as it directly hit the recipients mind rather than cracking his mind to discover your identity.


PHONE: +911234567890

MOBILE: +9123456789



Along with this, you can add a profile picture to make it appealing also what type of work you do, let it be Realist or a Makeup Artist or anything.

No 2. John smith

Web Marketing Consultant / +911234567890

Contact me on: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter, tumblr. (Here just insert the icons of various social accounts you have).

No 3. John Smith

Wise stamp

T- +911234567890

F- +776621084


No 4. Apart from these you can add any small quotes if you wish for in your Email signature. If you wish to provide any other details, just add on the icons of the social networks you have accounts on.

– Also apart from these, if you not into business just letting the world know about you, you can just add up text that features you. For example:

– Aaron Ross

– Author, #1 Amazon Best seller: Predictable Revenue

– *why salespeople shouldn’t prospect.

No 5. Now if you really want to make it a smart move, or get the connection more spontaneous, you can just add a feature of “A call-to-action”. This would be something that would urge the reader to check on what it is about. This call to action could be on anything, whether you are asking the reader to read a book, or asking to attend an event, or reading any blogs, it can be anything. Example:

– Elise Musumano

– Sr. Content Marketing strategist

– Yesware / 75 kneeland, Boston, MA 02111

– Read actionable ways to sell smarter. ( here we can see Elise encouraging the recipients, to visit her blog for the last line)

So here it was a call to action on reading a blog, we can place anything in that text section.

No 6. Another point to make note while making an Email signature:

– Rishit Kumar Agarwal

– Assistant manager,

– The name of the company,

– Address

– Phone number

– Fax number

– Mobile number

– Email address

– Twitter account link

– Skype account address

– Company’s website

– Another website of the company

So as you can see, the matter is so long that it lacks interest and the recipient just avoids it without giving a look also. So people make sure you do not make such types of Email signatures.

Email signature GENERATOR:

So now learning upon how Email signatures look like, the question arises, how to make it? As I specified earlier, making an Email signature is not a difficult task, what matters is how presentable it is. So I would be listing few websites and software names, as they will help you to design your very own Email signature in a way you like. Although some software might charge you, but it would be worthy spending on them and these software and websites are legal and malware free to use.

No 1. WISE STAMP: This is the top ranking website to design your own Email signature. It is very popular and often used page. This page, not only helps you to design your Email signature but also provides you with other examples, which you can perceive them as guidance or suggestions to help you out in designing your SGNTR.

Creating an Email signature is easy with wise stamp, this is not complicated to use, and it’s simple enough for one to design their styles. The most important, this website is free to use. Talking about usage, this page also provides, email generator tools free of cost to use in order to make a different email style.

Since hundreds of user makes use of this website, you are automatically provided with the best SGNTRs made till now, thus ensuring you to make a different one. Lastly, it comes with various templates, to make user design according to his profession.

No 2. HTMLSIG: Htmlsig is most recommended software that helps you design a different type of Email signatures. The interface of this app is so simple, that anyone can use it. The process of designing a SGNTR in this app comes in stepwise manner, where it comes in particulars filling section, then any image then the company details and so on.

Before you start imagining your Email signature on this software let me clear you, this is paid software, but don’t worry, the charges are minimal and affordable. I would definitely recommend this software because it’s worth spending on this to get an exclusive Email signature.

No 3. SGNTR SATORI: one can never get off with this software. This is mind blowing software, where an Email signature is easily generated. It won’t take much time and produces your favourite SGNTR within minutes.

It is one of the top recommended software, as it directly translates the html links to the SGNTR you like. In simple terms, it helps you edit the various SGNTRs you find online into your own SGNTR. Apart from these, this software is used as a medium of marketing. So one can promote their products with this software too.

No 4. SGNTR CREATOR: like SGNTR satori, this software also allows one to design their Email signatures and the distinguishing part of this software is its, variety of tools. The software comes with variety of tools to make an email look more interesting.

No 5. NEW OLD STAMP: This is another website, which enables one to design various types of SGNTR free of cost. This website SGNTR supports all major sorts of email clients. It’s nothing like that it will not be able to display on any device or software.

The most distinguishing part of this website is it allows the user to connect and share their designs on social networking platform, thus giving way for promotion. It is a new website, with more number of features and templates.

The tools of this email generator are so easy to use that within fraction of minutes you be displayed with your choice design. So one would definitely try using this app because, it supports all sort of platform such as outlook, android, iOS and so on. Lastly it is free to use.

Thus, friends, these were some of the top amazing website and software for email generators. I hope they would be of some help to you. If you have any information about any other email generator let us know, drop in your suggestions in the comment section.

Email signature TEMPLATES :

Email signature templates are those templates which we find in other ms presentations backgrounds. A template can be defined as a plain background used for editing purposes. These templates vary in different themes. Let it professional or romantic or shopping or anything, we can find a number of templates online for using for our Email signature purposes.

These templates vary across many themes and colours. One can take a simple plain background or a full coloured one, depending on the occasion.

The templates available online are free to download, however, some templates may charge you. Templates are the next important element of Email signature designing because without a template your design would not give a finished look. So adding a template is a must.

Hence, these templates will add a flavour of elegance into your SGNTR giving it more professional look. And one can access to any design available online. These designs are downloadable and can be edited to achieve the desired result.

HOW TO CREATE AN Email signature:

Creating an Email signature is not so difficult. All you need is little patience and creativity. Yes, Email signature requires creative skills. The more appealing you make, the more chances of getting instant response. So today I will teach you how to create a professional Email signature.

So one thing to keep in mind is your SGNTR represents your image, so make sure you use it properly.

Step1. Note or write down your details/information to set into your Email signature. Make sure all the necessary details such as contact number, address, and business information is noted down.

Step2. Select a design you want to use. You can select any design depending upon the criteria it is. And make sure it is not lengthy.

Now let’s see how we can create an Email signature for any email generator software.

Certainly, for a SGNTR to design a software we need to purchase or download it. When the software is downloaded, sign up or create an account on it to have an access to it. So let’s begin.

1. When the software is switched on, you will be displayed with a window where you are asked to fill in the details required to show in your Email signature.

2. So accordingly fill in the details not making it too long in length.

3. Even the software may display too many boxes; you must not fill in the entire details box.

4. Now save the data you have entered.

5. Now the next step is, if you have any social engine accounts, add in the links. (do not add all the accounts, just two or three)

6. The above step is purely optional. It is up to you whether you want to add a social image or not.

7. While filling the data, you are provided with an option to choose the colour. You can set your preference for one block or all the blocks, depending upon the design you like.

8. Now the next step is to add a profile picture. This is again optional; you can insert a company logo or your picture.

9. Lastly, if you want to motivate or present a call to action, you can either add a statement or a link to your works done or scheduling up an appointment or anything.

10. Now the details are filled, now comes the other step where the format of the SGNTR is selected.

11.The software may provide you templates or you can use your template. So once the template is selected, other things such as font, size, colour etc are also expected to be finalised.

12.Thus, this marks an end to the process and you will then be notified to download your Email signature.

Email signature OUTLOOK:

The procedure for creating an Email signature in outlook is also likewise same. The difference we can find is just here and there little features. Hence, it is understandable not too difficult to use. The only advance option we can find is the picture placement. Outlook helps you place the company logo or your profile picture with an ease.

You can add your SGNTR here by using digital SGNTR. Also one must make sure to insert the social networking icons in order to attract the readers. Since outlook is one of the greatest medium to contact many people at the one time and also remarks as a professional way to keep in touch with the associates.

Well I feel I have given much information about the Email signature. Hope it works well with you. Lastly keep in mind, this Email signature is used for professional purposes, so do not play with its content, limit the information keep it simple. If you have any queries or any information which you want to share with others also, do share in the comment section.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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