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By | June 10, 2016

Email signature generator free online, templates, design with email signature generator outlook and much more about this you can get from this post. While reading the title of the article, you must have got a little idea that what this article is going to be about.

We receive and send a lot of mails on a daily basis to n number of people. A lot of mails are shared either work related or may be a personal reason, either for an application for a job or any official purpose, thousands of mails are sent and are being received on daily basis. For all of this, you require a digital signature, also called as the Best Email Signature, so that your work becomes easier.

These signatures which are used for better communication and makes work easy, With the mention of the signature, do not get confused that it is going to be like your hand written, this signature includes all your contact details, the name of your company and the designation.

It includes all the wanted and necessary information so it gets easier for your client as well to contact you. Your email signature becomes your professional identity and thus it should be correct and apt.

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Email Signature Generator design Free Online

Do and Don’ts of a good email signature:

No doubt that the making of an email signature is not that a big or a difficult task, but there are also a few key points that you must be aware of in case you do not have an idea about it.

As I mentioned that your becomes your identity and I am sure that you would want to make the best impression of yours on your client or whomsoever it may be concerned. To be upfront and frank, people always want to have the best email signature and want it to be as attractive as it can be. Thus, for your help let me explain you the steps and that involves in the making of the email signature.

– Make sure that your email signature includes only 3 to 4 lines of text and it should not exceed that. A simple would look something like this: below is the given example which will help you to understand better

Divya Shah

Event Manager, Happy Wedding


The email signature basically involves your name, your companies name, you designation and your contact information. You can also include your social networking profiles as a tool to grab more attention. Your social networking accounts like twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram ID,

Snapchat, all of these can be included in your ES. Your ES can also be given the call-to-action, which tells about the action that you want the recipient to take. For example, attend an event, download an eBook etc.

– An email signature should never be over stuffed or over exaggerated. Make sure that you do not mention the unwanted information. Giving too many contact numbers is a waste. For example:

Divya Shah

Event Manager, Happy Wedding,

SSR Towers,

Banjara hills, Road no 33, Hyderabad




Email: [email protected]

Instagram: divya21

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Email Signature Generator

This becomes an over-stuffed ES which does not give that of a decent and good impression. It also becomes very boring to read that kind of information and especially on a handset.

No. 1 – Do not act foolish by mentioning your email address in your email signature. It is going to be the wastage of space. The email address will be anyways known to the client and in case he doesn’t then the mail will be displaying your email address. This kind of foolish step does not leave a good impression.

No. 2 – I know that a few people are shy to put their picture on a social networking thinking that how I will look and those kinds of questions arises but do not get that thought over here. Add your image in the most presentable way. With your image in your email signature, the probability of people remembering you will be more. You can add a colour image rather than going for a black and white image. A good advice would be that add your face as the image and not the complete body.

No. 3 – If you already have good brand name on Social Media sites like Facebook, do not hesitate to use that logo or links as your, because it gives the viewer the more attraction towards your email. Use your online page links or Social media networking links as your tool to attract more viewers, this will make the users to know more about the company they can do by following the link which is mentioned at ht end of the email.

No. 4 – After you have mentioned the Logo, company name, contact number, and all the other details please make sure that your Signature is Neatly Aligned. This means that you need to Alignment of all the information is a must, which helps to give the best Impression. As you know the first impression is the best impression. So make your Signature Aligned in a simple way.

These are major key points that you need to keep in mind while generating the email signature.

I guess, by now you must have decided that what kind of email signature you want. Now let us find out that how can we generate an email signature.

Email signature generator:

Following are a few email signature generators that will help you to have the best.

No. 1 – Wise Stamp: It is one of the most used and well-known email signature generators. It gives you the right advice in order to make a good email signature and lets you customise your email signature in the best possible way. It is user-friendly and it helps you to make your ES look real and natural.

It is a free web based tool that helps to generate a unique that can be used for google and many other programs. It has the potential to make the best and makes your work effortless. The designs and the standard of the templates provided by this software are the best when compared to the other softwares. It is the most recommended software.

No. 2 – Signature Creator: This is also one of the important and recommended software that we have in order to generate. It helps you add the logo, text and also a hand wrote the signature. This software helps you create your own individuality and helps you give you a unique identity.

No. 3 – Signature Satori:Within not much time, you can generate using this software. You need not do any kind of struggle while working on this software. It has the ability to edit the HTML directly. Not only this, it also provides a few basic templates for the understanding of the user. It is user-friendly software.

This software is one of those that comes in the top list and should be used immediately in case you are looking for email generator software. It is also one of the great tools that help to standardize the brand identity in order to promote. It is like one of the best marketing channels that we have.

No. 4 – HTML sign: This software helps you to create your unique effortlessly. It gives you a simple process to follow where in you can upload the logo of your company, your designation, and your picture as well.

The price structure for the usage of the software is not that difficult to deal with. It gives you a clear form where in clearly you can mention all the details that you want in your. With this software also, you can generate an email signature for Gmail, outlook and other programs as well. It is economical and very easy to use.

No. 5 – Code Two Exchange Rules: This software supports Outlook, Entourage, Thunderbird, Apple mail and other IOS and android devices. This is the best software that can use for the purpose of branding and promotion. This software completely manages your email signature and the process of generating the email signature is very quick.

In this software, with the help of the HTML editor, you can also personalise your signatures. The logo of your company and other graphics and photos can also be a part of your email signature. Banners for the purpose of promotion can also be added with the help of this software.

The major plus point of this software is that is supports all the mobile devices like android, iPhone, iPad, blackberry and many others. This software gives a personal touch to your email signature and also makes your work simpler and easier. With the help of this software, multiple templates can also be managed and taken care of.

Thus, we have seen different software that can be used to generate different kinds of email signatures that are user-friendly and economical as well.

How to create the email signature in outlook?

Now let us go through the process that will help to create the email signature in Outlook.

Firstly, select the tools option from the menu bar and then go to the mail format tab. You will be able to see the option of ‘signatures’, click on that and go to the tab. Click on new and then type the required name.

Click on OK and then type the other details that you want to be mentioned by clicking on ‘edit signature’. As I earlier mentioned follow the do’s and do’s while creating your email signature. You can also add the business card of yours.

And done! Now you will be having your own email signature.

Email Signature Template in Outlook:

I am sure that by now you must get a fair and clear idea of what email signature is and how to create in different software by following the do’s and donts.

Coming to the templates and designs, in case you are looking for a neat and clear template, you must go through Microsoft Outlook 2011 signature template. I help you to design your email signature in a standardised and customised way. It also helps you to add the links of your social networking sites which will also help for the purpose of branding and promotion. You can use the templates that are available in Outlook and make your email signature very appealing and professional at the same time as it gives you a simple and neat template without any kind of over-doing and over-stuffing.

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Email Signature for MAC:

If the MAC users are feeling left out while reading this articles, then don’t worry, this segment is for you!

Email Signature Rescue Software is going to help you with this. You can create your own HTML email signature templates over there and create your Apple mail signature by adding your details, name, designation, address, phone number and much more.

The business logo or your picture can also be added. This software has more than 20 social networks; you can add all the important ones in your professional signature. Once you are done with the designing and customising, the software will save your it to the Dashboard.

This software works for all the Apple Mail versions and thus it told as the best software for the making of email signature in MAC.

This can also be done online in any software depending upon their programming.

Conclusion for email signature generator:

As mentioned above is very useful and has become a must these days. It gives you a personal and unique way in order to depict your personality. All the professionals corporate people generate their own to be at the top best level in regards to professionalism.

Email signature takes you to next level of professionalism. It let the world know your individuality as it mentions all the details in regards to your profession. It also in a way boosts your self-confidence and your professional image.

Make sure that you follow the do’s and dont’s while generating the email signature. Do not over do and over stuff it as it might not give a good image of yours. Write only the important and necessary information which gives the reader accurate information of yours.

Mind you, no one have that amount of time to read 15 lines of email signature, thus, make sure that the email signature that you are generating for yourself is simple, clear and accurate. It should be point to point as un required information wont be entertained.

Last but not the least, the software that has been mentioned in the article can be used without giving it a second thought as they are user-friendly and economical. It will guide you in the best possible way so that you can have a unique and standardised email signature.

No doubt, that everyone wants to be unique and special and these software are definitely going to help you to achieve your goal. Well, I hope that this article was useful for all the ones who were looking for the information regarding email signatures.

Stay tuned.

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