How to change and Add signature in outlook with best tips

By | June 18, 2016

Outlook signature complete information and also how to change the signature in outlook and much more today we are talking here. As they say, the extra work always carries a bonus point and is always appreciable and so does the outlook signature do, which is moreover a personalized signature which you can add to your email message for grabbing the attention which individual usually seeks for.

This would completely make over the commercial look as the logo does, things appear to be more attractive and the best part is recognition of your identity will be way far easy so why not try something unique that would gel up with your mail.

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 Chang signature in outlook

How to change the signature in outlook with how to add 

Think of it as adding your own personalized card to every email you compose or send, interesting right? SO, Next time you are planning to compose an email, especially for commercial purpose to any of your clients whom you can never let go of or any project.

Which is very important to you make sure you add your personalized signature by adding this outlook signature and trust me the process is totally broken neck all trust me it’s very easy to get your hands on this.

All you will need is a laptop, a high-speed internet connection, outlook in office or office 365 and a creative yet wise mind would add up a boost. Here we show you how to set up a signature all by yourself you don’t need anyone else.

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Add signature in outlook


1. Switch on your laptop firstly then On the Home tab, choose New Email.

2. On the Message tab, in the Include group, choose Signature.

3. Select the option Signatures under this signature heading amongst the vivid options displayed in front.

4. Under Select signature to edit, choose New, and in the New Signature dialog box, type name was chosen for the signature. Example:

5. Do the following under chose a signature

6. Under E-mail account list, select the email account that you want to be associate with.

7. Under New messages list, choose a particular signature that you want, to be automatically added to all new email messages you write. In case you don’t want to auto sign your email messages, then check none as default option

8. Now, under Replies/forwards list, select the required signature that you want to add automatically whenever you reply or forward messages. Otherwise, check none as the default option.

9. Under Edit signature, type your signature, and select the option as OK. And yes you are done with your simple process.

An alternate method:

If you didn’t like the above way to make an outlook signature, no worries we have yet another way to make this process look even more cake walk process for you, here it is:

1. Get your hands on Microsoft outlook and Click File in Outlook.

2. Now click Options.

3. Since our interest is in MAIL select it among the options given in front.

4. Now Click Signatures.

5. Now click New under Select signature to edit.

6. Enter a name for the signature. Always use a catchy signature this will attract the person whom ever you are sending the email.

7. If you create different signatures for different accounts, for work and personal life or different clients, for example, do name them accordingly; you can specify different default signatures for accounts and always pick the signature for each message.

8. Click OK.

That’s all it takes to get a signature for your company, you see it’s a cake walk. so what are you waiting for, switch on your laptops right away and get a brand new attractive yet innovative signature for your firm and impress plenty of people by your skill?


Just in case you are wondering what’s so astonishing about outlook 2016 compared to all other older versions, here we tell you this version is much better as it is chic smart and easier to sync your various accounts to one another so just in case you don’t have any outlook in your laptop or computer go for downloading this version.

1. Firstly launch Microsoft outlook 2016, followed by selecting options under file section.

2. Since now you can see the variety of options under options select the second one called MAIL placed right under general?

3. On the screen now you will see an option called signature on the left side of the screen saying SIGNATURES, we need to select this one.

4. Click on option new (as we need to create a new signature) and type in a name for the signature that your creating.

5. Patience, we are almost getting done now, enter the information you would like to include with your signature e.g.: links, fonts, adding an image. That’s it your done.

6. Each time you send an email this information now gets added automatically.

Top tips with most ACE progress:

Reading the above guidance you are done with the inserting the signature but you can make your signature the most unique and eye catchy by:

1. Using different and attractive fonts as per the consistency and importance of the words keep varying the font and use the most attractive font for the main words then add a desirable picture and logo would also give you the progress.

2. Make sure the picture you insert gels along well with the signature so keeping in mind go for a super ace picture and make an effort the picture acts as a powerful message and this would verily leaves you with the good comments at the end.

NOTE: You can only add a with an HTML message.

3. Attach a business card, as the business cards are meant for the fast progress of your business and not only meant to carry in the pocket. So let your business card flaunt off along with the signature.

Tip: keep your cards up to date and keep a check of when and when not to send the cards .Do not sends them on the odd times.

4. Insert the perfect quotes as you are closing of the email, keeping in mind that quotes defines individuals thinking capacity and thinking structure try to exemplify the best your own made quotes.

5. Use live signatures, With Live Signatures, you can use a variable in your signature, which will be filled automatically when you insert your signature.

Tip: This will allow you to insert up-to-date last minute information when sending out your message.

6.Choose the best among the variety features which that Bells & Whistles for Outlook offers it will give you a access to vivid rich text or HTML email signatures with ace progress and have them self attached to the emails. Using the rules options, you can setup different signatures for different email accounts or contacts.

Add sound and scrolling text as per your preference. What you need to do is:

· Download the zip-archive containing the template and extract it.

· Modify the templates to point to the sound clip (on the web) you want to use or the text you want to scroll. I strongly recommend opening the files in Notepad as it makes the whole process a lot easier in editing.

· Now Create a new HTML formatted message with Outlook as your e-mail editor. If Word is set as your default editor use Actions-> New E-mail Using-> Microsoft Office Outlook. Then make sure Format-> HTML is selected.

· Choose Insert-> File… and browse to the location of the template

· Select the file and press the little down arrow on the Insert button. Select Insert As Text.


When you choose to insert the background music you won’t actually be able to watch anything. In fact for Outlook 2003 users; when you have “Automatic download prevention” option enabled you won’t hear any sound either unless you have added yourself to the Safe Senders-list! This also is applicable for the receiver too; when you are not marked as a Safe Sender on the receiving end the sound will not play.

Use the desired Signature for Replies in Outlook:

To set up a special signature for replies and forwards in Outlook:

• Select Tools | Options… from the menu.

• Go to the Mail Format tab.

• In Outlook 2007, click Signatures under mail.

• Click on the Replies/forwards: or Signature for replies and forwards under the drop-down menu.

• Select the desired signature.

• Click OK and you are done.

Edit an Existing Signature to Add an Image

To edit an existing signature using the method described above:

• Select Tools or Options from the menu in Outlook.

• Go to the Mail Format tab.

• Click Signatures and under it chose the Signatures option.

• Highlight the signature you want to edit by holding the left click on the mouse and dragging over the word you want to highlight.

• Press Ctrl-A.

• Further hit Ctrl-C.

• Use the Escape, on the extreme upper left side of the keyboard for three times.

• Create a new message in Outlook using rich HTML formatting.

• Click in the body of the new message.

• Press Ctrl-A.

• Now hit Ctrl-V.

• Proceed as above. Instead of creating a new signature again now edit the existing.

• And here it is done make sure you save the change so as to ensure that all that hard work you did mentally as well as physically doesn’t go waste .

Change the signature included in all outgoing messages:

Just in case you want two or more different types of signatures for both personal and professional messages or you didn’t like your previously made signature and want to change it, definitely you can do it, it is easy process all you have to do is follow the instructions written hereby:

1. On the Outlook menu and click Preferences.

2. Now selects E-mail, and click Signatures under it.

3. Select signature to edit list, and click on the signature that you want to modify. 4. In the Edit signature box, make whatever changes you desire to the signature.

5. To format the text, select the text, and then use the style and formatting buttons to select the options that you want as explained in tips section of this article. Always note that these options are not available if you use plain text as your message format.

6. After making the required changes, just click OK.

7. If you want your changes to appear in the signature in a message that you currently have open, you need to update the existing signature. By following the next step

8. On the Message tab, in the Include group, click Signatures, and then click the signature

9. You can make changes to signature in a message that you currently have open by editing the signature in the message body. However, these changes will not be saved for other messages.

Most easy advance editing steps:

Want to flaunt that you are most creative then go along with the further steps.

1. From the Windows Start Menu select Control Panel.

2. Open Internet Options.

(In Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, you can find this under the Network and Internet category)

3. Select the Programs tab.

4. You can use the drop down list to select from the available HTML-editors installed on your computer.

Note: set your signature to default so that it will be automatically added up with each and every message so that you did not need to give a poking effort every time when things are instantly happening go for it and save the precious time.

Backing up The signatures

At last the key advice after you’ve created your signatures putting all of your efforts and skills make sure your efforts don’t go in vain and be more of useful so back them up or transfer them to another or new computer or anywhere where it could be stored safely make an effort to save it as much as you can.


If you want to backup just a single signature, look for the following files and folders;

 <signature name>.htm

This file is used when creating HTML messages.

 <signature name>.rtf

This file is used when creating Rich Text messages.

 <signature name>.txt

This file is used when creating Plain Text message.

 <signature name>_files

This folder is used in Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 to store supporting files for your signature such as formatting, images and/or business cards (vcf-files).


I hope I have explained everything in this article and cleared all your doubts. Thus Signature in outlook gives laudable gesture to your work, collaborating with modern techniques just makes sure you don’t neglect the content of the format.

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