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By | June 10, 2016

Professional email signature examples also best sample sample today we are sharing with you. The E-mail signature is a block of text written at the end of an e-mail message you send. In short the signature is used that can be created on our won and is used to provide the recipient with the name, e-mail address, business, contact information or Web site URL.

A patent E-mail signature can be created by own which is created for the most e-mail clients helping the customers to identify the brand. Rather than ending the E-mails message with funny quotes, abbreviations and sayings, it is better to end up with professional e-mail signature. It looks classy and the brand image can also be maintained in specific outgoing e-mails. Professional Email signatures are easy to do as well. The last item on the E-mail is basically the professional E-mail signature.

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 Professional email signature example


Professional E-mail signatures are easy but it is a shame that they are done in a poor manner. Not much importance is given. Some business tycoons want their signature to reflect their identity, personality and provide information and more. It may be boring but to write but has a great effect for the E-mail clients.

Professional E-mail signature contains alternative contact details, patent job titles and company’s names which help the customers to maintain contact. Many people don’t find time and have patience to read the whole e-mail message sent and they just try to avoid the mails, but through professional E-mail signature, the customers can know who sent the mail by just ignoring the message and seeing the bottom signature email. Isn’t it helpful?

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Boring yet useful, professional E-mail signature can be created by your own. The common signature can also be created to be used by different programs the file can be created and also be used as a template. It is very simple to create the own signature.

Create a professional e-mail signature through MS OUTLOOK!

– From the menu bar, select tools/ options.

– Afterward, go to the mail format tab.

– Click on the signatures option.

– Now go to the Email signature tab.

– Click on new and type the signatures required the name.

– Different signatures can be formed naming them accordingly.

– Now click OK.

– Type the desired text you want to design your signature under EDIT SIGNATURE.

– Try not to exceed more than 5-6 lines of text to make your signature look classy and also include the standard signature delimiter.

– You can also add the business card as a card file by providing following sub-details,

. Move the cursor at the point you wish the business card to appear.

. From the formatting tool bar, click on the business card.

. Locate and highlight the text used and then click OK.

– Double click twice on OK.

You are done! Follow the basic above steps to create a professional email signature on your own and get help for your business. However, it depends on the different programmer to create your own. Depending upon the type, a professional signature can be created.

Create an e-mail signature through MS ENTOURAGE!

– Click on signatures on the tool menu and click on new.

– Type the desired name in the name box that assigns the signature.

– Type the text that you want to appear below as signature to identify you.

– Click the HTML icon to make sure the HTML formatting is enabled. Then select the format of the text.

– Select the File and save the new signature and finally, close the form. You are done!

Create an e-mail signature through Mozilla Thunderbird!

– Create a text file using notepad.

– Save the text on the computer and open thunderbird and go to tools and open settings.

– Highlight the mail address and look for the box which says Attach the signature.

– Locate the signature.txt. And press OK. You are done!

Create an E-mail signature through MS MAIL!

– From the menu bar, select tools/options and go to the signature tab.

– Click new and type the text of your signature under the EDIT SIGNATUREE option and try to limit your signature to 4-5 lines to look classy and include the standard signature delimiter.

– Enrich your signature using HTML formatting to make it look more attractive.

– Finally, click Ok and you are done!

Create an E-mail signature through MS OUTLOOK EXPRESS!

– From the menu bar select tools/options.

– Go to the signature Tab and make sure you add signatures to all outgoing messages are selected.

– Don’t add signatures to replies and forwards.

– Now select the signature for getting automatically inserted and click on default and CLICK OK.

– You are done!


Setting a default signature is easy and if you use one signature repeatedly, you will definitely want to set as default in order to avoid the burden and avoid wastage of time. By setting the default signature, automatically the signature appears when you create a new E-mail. Follow the easy step:

– Open the tools menu and click ACCOUNTS.

– Click on the mail tab.

– Double click on the account on which you want to set a default signature and you are done!

You have the above options to create a professional E-mail signature. Choose the option and follow the steps and get started to use the tool to leave a good impression to the Email clients and expand the business in such way. A strong professional e-mail signature is attention-getting and attracts customer’s eye at once sneaking suspicion up to the par.


The information is put in the forefront and a good email signature is simple, informative and also professional as well. For the consumers to communicate with you, it is important to be very clear and attractive in order to promote the service or brand. For this, a very clear professional email signature is to be created. 10 easy tips will help you to create a nice, clean and creative professional Email signature.

1) Avoid including Too much Information: The common mistake generally people do is they don’t set a limit to the signatures and writes many lines just like a mini-story. Avoid including too much information. Restrict the limit to 4-5lines. This is enough to create clean and clear information about the service or brand and form an Email signature.

If lots of information is included, signature looks shabby and long and majority of people doesn’t feel even interested to give a glance. Information like name, address, email id, contact number, logo, and job title is enough. So make you’re the signature is short and sweet and not bulky.

2) Keep your color palette small: don’t try to use different color and make it look colorful. Try the best to use only 23 colors and this tip is helpful for the Email signature design. Using too many colors leads to distracting as one would definitely want to use all colors but limit the palette to appeal the design attractive.

Samples from graphic elements can also be included to make the design look more appealing. The more the colors the more the distraction, the less the colors the more it looks attractive. Choose what smart move to create a Professional Email signature is.

3) Keep Font Palette even smaller: It’s advisory to make the font palette even smaller as it attracts the attention of the clients. Generally people think it’s good to use many different fonts and big bold letters to look happening but in short it looks shabby and better to reduce the font size of the text used to write the design to create a professional signature.

Also, try to use a single font instead of mixing the design with multiple fonts and styles. Once u is satisfied with the font style u selected, add color and adjust the font’s weights and mix the caps to make a design for the email. Nobody has time to look in detail at the font styles, colors used.

All that matters is the information provided and a decent texture of presentation. If this point is kept in view before creating the Email signature, nothing can go wrong. So, after the heavy discussion, it is advised to keep the Font palette smaller.

4) To direct the eye use hierarchy: in order to communicate the important information, a strong hierarchy is needed and is equally important. Before designing the signature, keep in in the type of texting, color, font styles and other elements and make sure the most important information is written first so that the viewer reads the information first and then go for further details.

The company’s name or the director’s name should be written as the hierarchy position. If understood properly, a great design can be created by own easily and effectively. Make sure you don’t highlight other elements not that important in the signature as the highlights directly catch the eyes of the client. Neatly decide what information is important and push those details on top of the hierarchy to direct the eye.

5) Simple graphic elements: A person generally wants to use excess graphic elements in the designs they make. It is common with everyone. Nothing rational. To design a logo of the brand, graphic elements are used and specially to create a professional email signature, it is advisory to use simple graphic elements rather than that of jazzy one’s.

It is helpful to create a strong recognition of the brand by the people as can be easily understood if kept simple. Basic graphic element used in the signature is a headshot of the email author. This means work in such a way that the name is simple but effective and looks professional. Smart work should be done.

6) Allow the use of social media icons to drive traffic: Yes, you read it right. Use social media icons to drive the traffic in order to develop a good advertising page where in the clients find new avenues of contacting and following.

It is proved to be beneficial and considers using icons rather than hyperlinks or URLS. Icons can be quickly recognized by the people rather than the hyperlinks. One or more icons can also be used in a single signature. There are no such restrictions to limit the use if icons.

7) Align your design: Alignment is also the important tip to create a professional email signature. Align your graphics, types and icons and bring order and instant contacts to your design.

Take time but use your brain to create a proper, neat and clear signature in order to direct the eyes of the clients. The presentation is also important so better to follow this tip and create a smart and effective email signature that leads to identity and recognition by the clients.

8) Use space with dividers: Confused? Don’t be. Here is what it means. Make use of space options with dividers to make the signature looks clear and not messy. Use the dividers to fit a lot of details into a compact area without distracting the design.

Use the graphic dividers to create the design. One can also use the glyph dividers to divide the content. It looks appealing and neatly established and also helps to give a positive response from the email clients. Avoid awkward line lengths and save a lot of space by using the dividers provided to create a signature.

9) Make it mobile –friendly: People find it easy to read emails on mobile phones these days. Not everyone is comfortable using laptops or computers to check e-mails. Mobile has become a friendly means for every individual. Keep in mind that the information appearing on mobile is even smaller when compared to that of desktops.

Be sure you create a design in such a way that it is clearly seen and understood by the mobile viewer. Scale down the design on the smaller screen and notice before finalizing the signature whether it fits perfect for the mobile screen. A useful tip to follow to create a good email signature.

Make sure the logo, text type, a color used is simple and mobile friendly and also double ensure that the links are tappable as the links appear very small on the mobile screen than that of a desktop. The client should not face any problem viewing the signature and opening any link. Keep few points in mind and yes you are just a step ahead of creating a professional email signature on you own.

10) Find your balance: the last and final tip of advice is to maintain a balance in the design. It is important to do so as the balance between the elements should be maintained from the client’s point of view.

When it comes to picking the colors, make sure you don’t use more than two-three colors and maintain a balance carefully. Include social media icons if you feel necessary to make the signature look beautiful. A proper balance keeping all the tips in mind helps to create a professional email signature.


You can create your own customized email signature templates in minutes. It is easy to design professionally. No HTML knowledge is required. Add own details to the template like name, email address, telephone and address details and you can also upload images in the form of the logo, profile photo or banner images.

You can also add social media icons to create email signature templates. Once done with the creating part, simply download signatures from the Dashboard. Then simply install signature in the email and attract the clients and easily set up. Now there is provision to edit and mange email signatures online.


1) Megan Hall .owner

Megan Hall’s Bakery. Cakes and treats


A 45 Yummo Avenue, Sugarland

2) Full Name. Position

Company Name. Company tagline goes here

M. mobile number / C. mobile number

T. telephone number / F. fax number

E. [email protected] / W.

A. street address / P. postal address.


If you are an account analyst and looking for a great signature, try the office Outlook email signature for account analyst all designed to suit for analysts. The Microsoft outlook 2011 signature template is a neat template that allows users to customize their own signatures. Not only this, the outlook allows the users to create an email signature with clickable links and supports social media icons and widgets to expand the communication and contacts.

Now one can also create a unique outlook using the template designed for internet marketers as the lead game designer in order to provide neat clean and free format to create a professional Email signature. The templates outlooks are available in an appealing manner and can be used to access all kinds of browsers and electronic devices.


Use the free tool to make the email signature template look simple and attractive also and add it to Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail or another email provider. All you need to access the free professional email signature is to fill the form in correct and proper manner and then click on the social and style tabs to link and customize the designs on social media and social media icons can also be added.

When completed` with the designing part, click on the create the signature button to form the signature and use them to identify the brand or service. Many examples can be given to express the free email signature. Herebelow is an example:


Business man

Sales Department


P. 0212345678 M. 0412345678

F. 0212345678

A. 5 street sector, 5th park Avenue NSW 2000.

W. E. [email protected]


Find your quote out of the inspirational quotes, professional quotes, information quotes and business quotes. Funny quotes and popular quotes are also provided. It is all for free and express at your best using the quotes accordingly. Let us list out few of the all category quotes:

Professional Quotes:

– “Without hard work and discipline it is difficult to be a top professional.”- Jahangir Khan

– “A professional is someone who can do his best work when he doesn’t feel like it.” – Alistair Cooke.


– “Time is Money.’- Benjamin Franklin

– “Men talk to Killing time, while time quietly kills them.”- Dion Boucicault.

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Just a few are listed where as you can choose out of various categories as suitable for your design and make your signature looks more appealing and direct the eye of the clients, employees or colleagues. Make sure that you don’t let the signature look over rated by using many quotes and different category of quotes in a single signature.

Selection of quotes should be unique and impressive and one should understand which quote is needed and where it is to be used. Excess overdo spoils the signature and the viewer feels that the information provided is too much. Hence tries to avoid showing any interest in the signature and all the effort made to create a professional email signature goes waist.

If you go on the official web page, you can see the list of quotes and choose the quote and add on the signature. Beautiful sayings that inspire the customers are listed. Great authors and Sayers have quoted the quotes. Wisely find out the quote, get satisfied and then finalize the signature and then click on the create signature.

Take time to recheck and ensure that there is no error and the information provided in the signature is correct especially the email address and phone number details. If any wrong information is given it creates the negative impact and the reputation of the brand or service will be at stake. Keep this points in mind and get started using the quotes.


The email signature provides different formats to create a signature like an Business Email signature format, personal signature format, Artist signature format, and company signature format. In email signature format, the Gmail signature gets automatically inserted in the email and Social media icons and templates can also be added.

The personal signature format is of two types, simple personal signature where in the photo appears on left and the details appear on the right side of the signature and another type is the green signature in which you can create a signature in green color on the right side and provide the information .

Next format is the artist signature where in the signature can be created using the photographer signature with photo, social media icons, and green style. It looks very trendy and attractive and personal photos with editions can also be added. Another form is to add the simple designer signature with basic contact details and photos to make it look good yet simple.

Coming on the company signature, the information in the email is provided legally and in a confidential manner. No disclosure, copying or any form of distraction is allowed and a very simple and clean company signature with company logo can be created using this format. One should be careful if using the company signature format to create a professional email signature.

Final Verdict on Professional email signature

Alas! After reading the above details, it is clearly understood that creating a professional mail signature is easy and simple and is also beneficial. Without giving a second thought, the signatures can be created friendly and clearly and unique yet effective signatures can also be created on own.

 Email signature also helps in creating professionalism and is highly beneficial to expand the business among the email clients, employees, and other colleagues. So we hope now What is Professional E-mail Signature? and also how to create Professional email signature all concepts are clear.

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